Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the impacts of trauma in stressful life behaviors.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the impacts of trauma in stressful life behaviors. For instant when one has received urgent `appalling information, concerning the death of the most loved ones in the family, the victim will be traumatized, for example, one receiving the news about the death of the mother, or father who are close family members.

Trauma might have a very negative effect on our minds and bodies, when one perceives a threat, the body will activate the stress response hormone. The response occurs in both the body and mind. It’s for an emergency, adrenaline together with other hormones is released. The body will shut down the process connected with such long-term care. When the body is under immediate danger, the reproduction, digestion, cell repairs, and the body task related to long term functioning become unimportant. The immediate vital is the survival of the victim. the increased blood sugar provides more energy for the muscle (Van, 43).

Individuals undergoing trauma, may longer-term reactions that include unforeseen, emotional flashbacks, nervous relationships, or even physical symptoms such as nausea or headache. The feelings of trauma are normal, but some people may have difficulties moving on with their normal daily life provision. Through the attendance to the psychologist’s trauma, provision is treated, by looking for constructive ways for such an individual’s effectiveness in managing their emotions. If individuals suffering from trauma are not taken care of, their situation becomes more worsen hence can die.

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Disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes transportation accidents, hurricanes or wildfires are classically unanticipated, impulsive, and overpowering. There are no superficially visible signs of physical wound, but an emotional toll. Following such a situation, one may feel bewildered, disoriented, or unable to integrated upsetting information (Van, 43). Once these preliminary reactions subside, individuals may experience a variety of behaviors and thoughts. The common responses may be, changes to thoughts and the behavior patterns individuals might experience repeated and the glowing memories of that event.

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