Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses george ritzers mcdonaldization of society.

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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses george ritzers mcdonaldization of society. In olden days, tutors and students used to have close interaction and shared a mutual relationship. However, as the Mcdonalization ways of life entered the society in the twenty first century, things changed. Today, classes are so big that the closeness is minimal, presence of online courses haMcDonaldizationized the education system, and people are rushing for cheap, efficient, and faster things even though they have negative effects (Ritzerthe, 2010).

Even though the dilemmas created by irrationality are sometimes big and severe, I believe they cannot outweigh the advantages brought about rationality. Irrationality has long term effects on the society’s environment, people’s health, and friendships but rationality caters for every need ranging from education to intimate relationships. I agree with Ritzer’s assessment because McDonalization is indeed what is happening in our society today. Parents do no longer have to sit and read for their kids as there are online books. People do not have to cook in their homes because there are restaurants offering cheap fast foods.

In the modern society, people rarely depend on the expected optimum means of choosing a given end. In this McDonalized society, Ritzer maintains that people are living through amplification of Weber’s bureaucracy theory. Accrodign to Weber, a German sociologist, rationality marks the modern West. Consequently, people in the West are dominated by efficiency, calculability, predictability, and non-human technologies, which control people. Similarly, Ritzer highlights that people are currently living in a world where they are just amplifying Weber’s theory (Ritzer, 2010).&nbsp.

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