Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses the frog king or iron henry by grimms.

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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses the frog king or iron henry by grimms. The second title of the story, ‘Iron Henry’, however, suggests that the tale has European origins. The plot is built around the beautiful but vain princess, and the manner in which she is taught a lesson in honesty and being true to one’s promise, by her own father, the King. The story has four main characters, the Princess, a Frog, the King, and Henry, the prince’s faithful servant. The only name mentioned in the story is that of the servant, who is called Henry by the writer, and probably the basis for the story’s second title. At the outset, the story reveals that the princess is fond of going to the deep forest adjacent to the King’s palace, where she plays with her favorite golden ball as a daily routine. She does so adjacently to a deep well and as can be expected, one fine day, the ball falls into the well while she is playing. The princess is saddened by the loss of her favorite golden ball and cries bitterly. This prompts a frog from the well to make an offer to the princess. The offer, however, has some terms associated with it. The terms are that if the frog is able to bring the ball back, the princess will allow it to remain by her side permanently. The princess agrees reluctantly, thinking that it would be impossible for the frog to do so. However, the frog actually brings back the ball and the princess is enthralled. However, she fails to keep her promise and runs back to the palace, leaving the frog behind, the latter left crying in vain for the unfulfilled promise. The frog, however, is a persistent character and knocks at the palace door the following evening when the princess is preparing to have dinner along with the king. The princess opens the door and is dismayed at finding the frog, prompting the king to ask her the reason for her bad mood. Upon hearing the anecdote in the forest, the king is shocked at the betrayal by the young girl and orders her to do as the frog says. The retold story is built upon the Grimm’s fairy tale summarized above. It is intended for modern audiences in my native country, though it is relevant to the American context as well. The emerging theme in both stories is the importance attached to the social norm of keeping one’s promise, and how even strangers can turn out to be good persons, and even life partners if fate has twisted circumstances to accomplish such an objective. Mutual trust and love for fellow human beings are fast disappearings in modern society and history is replete with such anecdotes and fairy tales which remind modern generations about the importance of honesty and its contribution towards a satisfying and fulfilling life.&nbsp.

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