Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses how a sports coach could motivate the athletes.

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Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses how a sports coach could motivate the athletes. Mere physical strength and athletic skill are not enough. the will to win and perform is crucial, and it needs to be inculcated within the performers. Many scientific theories purport the same and will be discussed hereunder. However, some, like the trait theory may present facts which go in the other direction. It focuses on the intrinsic traits of people which are inherently different. Nonetheless, as the development of the other theories will go on to show, a potent show of motivation by the coach can increase performance beyond expectations.

Motivation intrinsically charges and individual, and becomes the intangible source of energy that directs a person towards his/her goal. This is the human fuel which basically separates the achiever from the adversary. All this goes beyond verbal whims. There is more than enough scientific evidence that supports the above-mentioned proposition. With recent examples of researches from sports journals, four such theories of motivation will be cited hereunder, namely achievement motivation theory, attribution theory, cognitive evaluation theory, and goal-setting theory. What’re more, specific motivational theories fit right into the existing practices within sports, thereby clearly identifying the link between motivation and sport from the context of a coach.

Three important needs surface in this context. The need for achievement comes first, wherein there is an urge to accomplish something difficult. Then is the need for affiliation, in which a person wishes to form close personal relationships. Finally, there is a need for power, in which one seeks to have control over others. Understand of the patterns of these needs is very important, as more often than not, a sportsman is making all the effort in order to accomplish one or more of these needs.&nbsp.

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