Create a 9 pages page paper that discusses a theory around how human beings experience harm and how it may help work with people restoratively.

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Create a 9 pages page paper that discusses a theory around how human beings experience harm and how it may help work with people restoratively. Even then individuals, who are traveling in the ‘right path’ could suddenly take ‘diversion’ and travel in a ‘wrong path’, bringing in dangerous repercussions. When individuals travel in the wrong path and indulge in negative activities, they become a threat to fellow human lives. So, to punish the individuals for indulging in those negative activities, and important to prevent them from committing those activities or crimes again, they are put under trial and given punishments. The punishments include monetary fines, imprisonment for days, weeks or months, life imprisonments and finally the extreme of them all, the death penalty. Although, the death penalty is mainly awarded in the ‘rarest of rare’ cases, there are many moral, social, even legal and importantly humane aspects, which need to be answered and taken care of. Apart from the major issue of whether the death penalty can totally prevent crimes from occurring, the basic issue is whether it is correct to ‘kill’ a human as a kind of sacrifice or compensation for another life.

When a convict is given the death penalty, he/ she is made to go through a painful experience. The main purpose of the government and the court controlled executions is to give the convicts rapid, clean and dignified death. But all the current execution methods have dangerous inbuilt faults, which put the convicts in a lot of pain and torture. Among the great range of execution methods employed over the centuries, for carrying out the death sentence on offenders in different parts of the world, none has been found which does justice to the person executed – in terms of providing the certainty of an instantaneous, painless and dignified death. (Adams, 1998). The person has to undergo a lot of suffering throughout the execution and also if something goes wrong during the execution of the death penalty. Even if the execution is carried out in a planned manner, death is an excruciating process for the convict. There are five principal methods of execution that are presently used globally.

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