Creating thesis statement/ Journal Entry

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1. Complete Develop Your Thesis Statement worksheet that is attached and come up with a thesis statement that supports GUN RIGHT (agree that gun owning in America should be supported.

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2. On a separate document, create a one page journal on any research you have done for gun right.

Detailed instructions:

At this point you should have a topic for your research project and, applying critical thinking skills, are conducting research. Apply this thinking to your topic and the issues surrounding your topic (for example if my topic is bullying in schools, one issue connected with this is bullying is being done via social media which makes me wonder what schools are doing to combat this and if this type of bullying means more kids are being bullied). Share in this week’s journal some of the facts and information you are uncovering AND what conclusions you are coming up with (by conclusions, I mean what opinions you are forming based on the facts). Make sure to identify by name sources for the facts and info you discuss in your journal entry and the connections between your ideas.

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