Crime Scene Investigation Presentation

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Research (you should have a min. of 3 sources in addition to your textbook) a forensic discipline.

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Produce a Power Point presentation about Crime Scene Investigation (no other format is acceptable, but you will submit the PowerPoint as a .pdf).

Once your project is completed you should save your PowerPoint as a pdf to submit.

The content of your presentation is below. There is no set number of slides but a (minimum of seven.) slides are required, and the cover and reference slides do not count. Make sure to answer all questions.

Background: 10 pts total

Define the discipline – (Crime Scene Investigation.) 5pts

Details of the discipline, the historical background, important persons, and the impact the discipline had on the criminal justice system/society as a whole? 5pts

The Science: 20 pts total

Explain the science behind the forensic discipline or procedure.

What makes this a science? 5pts

What was the hypothesis used in its creation (an if/then statement)? 5pts

How is it valid, repeatable, and reliable? 5pts

What other Natural Science are used in the discipline? 5pts

Collection and Preservation of Evidence: 20 pts total

Describe the proper procedure for collecting and preserving evidence that will be analyzed in this discipline.

What are the proper techniques that should be followed? 5pts

How is contamination of the evidence prevented? 5pts

How is evidence handled once in the lab? 5pts

How is contamination of the evidence prevented in the lab? 5pts

The Analysis: 20 pts total

Explain how the analysis is done (standard operating procedure).

Is the testing subjective and comparative or more objective? 5pts

Is there a procedure for reducing error? 5pts

What is the error rate for this discipline? This may not be exact, if so, how is error accounted for? 5pts

What is it and if there is not one, what accounts for error? 5pts

Technology: 5 pts total

Explain the technology used in the discipline and how the technology has changed over time? 5pts

Real World Application: 15 pts total

Research and select a recent (last ten years) case where this discipline was used to help prosecute a crime.

Summarize the facts of the case. 5pts

How did the prosecution use the forensic discipline to prosecute the case and what was the impact of this evidence on the case? 10pts

References and Creativity: 10 pts total

Thorough research is conducted using legitimate scholarly sources and properly referenced and cited throughout the presentation using APA Guidelines. 5 pts

Your presentation should be creative and pleasing to the eye. You may use pictures, news articles or other items to help bring the discipline to life. 5pts

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