Criminal Justice hw No plagarism will be checked for originality

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1: From a
“theoretical” (i.e. criminal justice theory) perspective appraise (i.e., form a
critical opinion) as to why Transnational OC has continued to grow. In
answering this DQ, you may use any criminological theory (e.g., Robert K
Merton’s Theory of Anomie and Edwin H. Sutherland’s Differential Association
Theory, Rational Choice, etc) that you choose in order to explain your

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2: Assess the impact of Prohibition on organized crime (to
include scrutinizing both it’s strengths and weaknesses). Within your response
“very briefly” include the public’s view of the Prohibition Bureau.

Each Forum question response should be “minimum” of 500 words of content (does
not count references and or restating a question) and include “at least” two
different and properly referenced sources, in accordance with APA 6th edition,
for full credit. Please see the syllabus for what constitutes a “substantive”

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