Critical Reasoning Paper

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4-5 PAges PLease read attachment first

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) Start with an issue (question) that’s fairly narrow in scope. You’ve got to be able to present arguments on both sides, so nothing that’s obviously one sided. Something like “Are Pets Good For Us?” is very broad (there are lots of different types of pets and different types of owners) and pretty one-sided, since almost all the research suggests benefits of pet ownership. So stay away from something like that! Also, pick a question where critical thinking can help us get to an answer! Something were you can apply some of the concepts from Chapter 11 and Chapter 12.

2) All that said, try to find an issue that interests you and is as original as possible! The suggestions on the BB prompt are neither.

3) After you introduce the issue and give some background, you’ve got to present the arguments on both sides. Some people even do this as a list of premises! But you need to make the strongest argument possible with the best available evidence from multiple sources. Unlike the Kalture vido, don’t focus on a single argument from one source.

4) After you’ve presented the arguments, it’s time to evaluate them. Which of the two positions is stronger? This is where you can talk about fallacies/biases/rhetoric that weakens a position. But don’t feel like you need to present a certain number of each! And focus on the flaws that actually impact the argument – make a critical thinker favor one position over another.

5) During this evaluation phase, it’s also a great idea to apply concepts from 11 and 12 – does one argument have generalizations with weak samples? Rely solely on observational studies? While the other cites controlled experiments? That helps a critical thinker decide which argument to go with, right? If there are value judgments, connect them to the big principles we’ve discussed and consider whether these principles can be applied consistently.

6) Conclude once it’s clear which position a critical thinker would take. You don’t have to settle the issue completely, but avoid “there’s evidence on both sides” conclusions. It’s got to be the case that critical thinking can help us make some headway.

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