CU A Different Mirror Analysis

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Assignment: Primary Source Analysis
Based on the primary sources we have reviewed in our class:
1. Read: Takaki, A Different Mirror,
Pages 75-118. The Rise of the Cotton Kingdom
Pages 131-154. Fleeing “The Tyrant’s Heel”; “Exiles from Ireland”
2. The Rise of Cotton: Please watch this video
3.A Slave Market in 1841…
Please select one and analyze it using the guiding analytical questions below. Be sure to specify which primary source you are analyzing and cite any direct quotes taken from readings (parenthetical citation is fine).
Your analysis should be written in essay form, and should be at least 1.5-2 pages long, Your submission will be graded based on how you answer each of the following questions, as each has a number of point assigned to it.
Rubric Area
Points (20)
What is the document about?
When was this document created and by who?
What was going on in the world and the region when this document was written? What major economic, social, and political trends might this document be responding to?
How does this document challenge, support, or change what you already know, or are learning in this class?
Is this a point of view or bias—is this source reliable?
How does the source contribute to our understanding of history?

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