CWU Security Discussion

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I believe one way is to grant everyone a photo ID within the corporation. Most military bases utilize this method to grant access to the installation. However, in this case I’m referring to a corporation building. Without the photo ID they can’t enter the building and go to work. Additionally, a list should exist with everyone’s name, social, and birthday in case they forget their corporation ID at home. Another good idea is to have a username and password in order to enter the corporation’s intranet. This will be granted by the corporation’s security manager. Identify what information is confidential within the corporation, and once it is identified it needs to be documented and treated as such. It should only be seen by those on a need to know basis, and they should have to inform someone when and why they are viewing the confidential information. If the information is somehow leaked then those who had viewed it should be investigated, and whoever leaked the information will be held accountable for their actions. Conducting training for employees is also needed in order to combat these attacks. When employees are trained on how to handle the information, they will be able to do so. Without the proper training they have a valid excuse of not knowing how to properly handle the sensitive information. Making protection plans need to be ongoing, and the plan needs to be updated. We live in a world where technology is constantly changing, and with that being said our protection plans need to be changed with the new technology being made, because if we fall behind our enemies in cyber security they’ll be able to compromise us. Trade secret protection needs to be made a priority, because if it’s not then it won’t be taken care of, employees won’t be trained on it, and it will be compromised.


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