De Anza College Eating Local Food Can Help Us Supporting Our Economy Responses

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Repond these two students:My ToJan 27, 2022Jan 27 at 1:50pmManage Discussion EntryI think there are nutritional value in locally grown food compared to produce that shipped from other area of the country. Locally grown food are flavorful because it was picked by farmer at its peak of ripeness. We have farmland that allow people to buy or picked the fruits from the tree. We often heard people say that fruits taste better in their own unique season compared to the one that travel miles from other country and picked before its ripe period in order to prepare for shipment to local market. Fresh produce also contains full of nutrients. It is less likely to experience a decrease in nutrient value. The time frame between freshly picked fruits versus local market produce is that locally market produce often sit in the distribution center waiting to e shipped so it is not as fresh once it arrive at your local supermarket. The more step there are from between an individual and the food source, the higher chance of food getting contaminated and other food safety issue.Eating local food can help us supporting our economy. The money will get reinvested with businesses and services in our community. Also, buying local food can help maintain the environment because local food tend to take less packaging along side of it being fresh.Haoyang XuTuesdayFeb 1 at 9:01pmManage Discussion Entry1. I think that local food is definitely fresher and more nutritious. At a farmer’s market, most local produce has been picked within the last 24 hours, ensuring it is ripe and at its peak nutrient density. Moreover, local food has a shorter time between harvest and your table, and it is less likely that the nutrient value has decreased. It also promotes a safer food supply with it having a shorter delivery distance. 2. Eating locally also promotes the local economy, T]the money that is spent with local farmers and growers all stays close to home and is reinvested with businesses and services in your community. By supporting your local farmer today, there will continuously have farms in your community. This is vital for our long-term food security. 

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