Do a discovery project based on the novel The Sweet Hereafter.

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Do a discovery project based on the novel The Sweet Hereafter. Search the novel for a detail that you know something about or some detail that you find intriguing. For Example: Death, Alcoholism, Drug, Addiction(see attachment).

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Take your chosen detail as a separate idea from the novel and research it. Then, choose an angle from which you might share your information. You might research its usefulness in the world, its history, its superstitions, its modern-day meaning, its negative effect on the world, or any angle you can think of. Think: what most interests you about this topic? You will want to have a narrow focus that considers your audience(your peers), your purpose (to inform), and your tone (up to you). Keep track of the research sources that you find by using source cards(See Attachment) Keep track of your evidence in an Evidence Log(See attached PDF), so that you can use the information to create your project.Since this is a mini-discovery project, you must follow the rules for research and attribution (citing your sources), so you do not accidentally plagiarize.

Build a PowerPoint presentation (10-15 slides with audio) about your detail from the novel that teaches your peers about that detail.(See Attachment for details). Please review attachments for complete details of Project.

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