Do the two 1.assignment Three: Please Watch “Death By Fire” and complete the assignment. The video link is located inside of the assignment document. Upload your completed assignment when finish or

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Do the two

1.assignment Three:  Please Watch “Death By Fire” and complete the assignment.

  • The video link is located inside of the assignment document.  Upload your completed assignment when finish or by the due date. (You will need 56 minutes to watch and complete this assignment/ Questions from this video may appear on your next test)
  • I urge you to consider what you’ve learned in the “Civil Liberties” Chapter (4), as you complete this assignment.
  • Please add your answers to the original document then upload the original document to Canvas…

To submit: Click start assignment, Click upload assignment, Click choose file, select your document, Click I Agree, Click submit assignment. (Save all assignments as PDF or Doc before submission)

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2.Current event paper/PowerPoint – Each student will write a two-page minimum current event paper worth 100 points and create a PowerPoint worth 50points (7 ppt slide minimum). Please write three questions about your current event (please insert questions on the work cited page when submitting your paper and on the last slide of the power-point). The paper and power-point are due during week 6 (Please see the course organizer/ accessibility sheet located under the “Start Here Tab” for the due date.)

  • Your three questions should be about your paper. After reading your paper, what should your reader know?

Paper Instructions: Please select any national or local political event; explain who, what, when, where, how, and why. Include how one could alter the outcome of this event if handle differently, or why you believe the outcome was the best solution given. Explain your policy or event thoroughly, provide relevant examples. The event cannot be more than four years old.

  • (The paper must be typed, double-spaced with 12-pt font and at least two full pages. Please include a work cited page separately.
  • Please create an error-free PowerPoint presentation over your current event (you must insert pictures and at least one video link). You will submit both documents under the current event link located under the “Lessons” tab.)
  • Due to the transition online, your PowerPoint will take the place of an in-class presentation. Imagine that you are giving a presentation to the class. Insert key points, ideas, and relevant examples in your PowerPoint. Please give a brief synopsis of your current event paper, and for every picture please include an explanation (describe its importance.)
  • Please submit the paper and PowerPoint in Canvas under the (Lesson tab) current event link. Here I will check for plagiarism. No more than ten words in all quotes, I will only accept papers with 15% or less (I will not count off if you have more than 15% because of your work cited page)! Please use safe assignment to see what percent of your paper includes quotes.

Submission for the Current Event/ PowerPoint is located under the lesson tab.

If you cannot see your Paper/PowerPoint presentation, I cannot see it. Please make sure that both documents are visible once submitted to receive credit (upload them in PDF, PPT, and Doc format).  I will not accept the assignment late.

Do the two 1.assignment Three: Please Watch “Death By Fire” and complete the assignment. The video link is located inside of the assignment document. Upload your completed assignment when finish or
Name__________________________________________ date__________________ DEATH BY FIRE (Click on the link and press enter) What evidence did fire investigators find on the aluminum threshold plate that led them to believe the fire was deliberately started? Was this enough evidence? How did Willingham’s demeanor (right after the fire accident) cause investigators to suspect that he might be guilty of starting the fire, should it be held against him in court? How did Willingham’s court-appointed attorney feel about his innocence or guilt? What was his recommendation to Willingham about pleading guilty? What details did jailhouse informant Johnny Webb provide? How did his testimony and the posters in Willingham’s room further implicate him as guilty? How did Todd Willingham’s treatment of his family possibly affect the way the jury viewed the evidence? Why did the courts ignore the appeal for Mr. Willingham? What did Elizabeth Gilbert Find out about Doctor Death after her investigation? What evidence was evaluated incorrectly? What was Stacy’s opinion of Todd after the incident occurred? How do fire scientists investigate fires? How does this challenge the credibility of the fire department’s investigation? What was the defense attorney Mr. John Jackson accused of, do you believe this was true? Was justice serve? Why or why not

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