download and read the document and answer all questions in the

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   Download and read the document and answer all questions in the document. Please see attached document H2 & APA Criteria doc.          

Think about a software development project that has been conducted for a hospital. The product being developed is a frontend web portal and backend software that processes the patient data resides in the hospital database. The name of the frontend web portal is MyHealth. Patients will see their test results, diagnosis reports, prescriptions, past, and upcoming reservation information in MyHealth portal. They will also have the opportunity of chatting with their doctors. Answer the questions below based on this information.

Question 1

What kind of technologies/methods should be used to ensure that the patients’ privacy will be guaranteed?

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Question 2

Review the top 10 web application security risk ( Select 2 of them and explain the potential impact of those on privacy.

Question 3

Describe security practices that fall into the “Requirements” phase of the SDLC? Explain the projection of these practices in the upcoming phase of the SDLC.

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