Draw up a Memo using the IRAC system with Citations to laws, cases and concepts

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You are the Chief Information Security Officer, the Chief Privacy Officer and Chief Compliance Officer at Fast Funds, a company that has just created an app to help clients identify whether they would benefit the most by taking a loan against an investment portfolio, personal loan or home equity line of credit. The app is in demo mode and you have identified a glitch in the security system. While remote, it is possible that a hack could occur. The company is scheduled to “go live” tomorrow with 5 financial institutions. Once live, the product will generate a user fee of $11 per license – meaning multi millions of dollars for you due to your sweat equity ownership stake and also in restricted stock when the company goes public. You do not believe that the “security fix” is difficult but it is concerning. Should you escalate the matter and what things should you be prepared to discuss in a memo to the Board of Directors. Citations to laws, cases and concepts in the course are expected. External sources are encourages. ALL CITATIONS MUST BE PROPER.

Use the IRAC system in drafting your memo





Style APA The tutor doesn’t require any knowledge. File Type docx


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