Drexel University Albert Einstein Life Aspect and Brief Work Summary

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In this 3 to 5 page paper the student will choose a scientist and write a brief summary of their work and one aspect of their life that the student finds interesting. That aspect could be; 1) their childhood, 2) how they became interested in science, 3) a major challenge they had to overcome in their life, 4) a challenging marriage or family situation, 5) a lifelong competitor, 6) a disease that they had to battle, 7) political turmoil that affected their work, 8) another career that they held in addition to their science, or anything that the student finds interesting and would like to write about the scientist. The student can choose any scientist at all. Here is a list of some that you might consider:

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Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Sigmund Freud, Margaret Cavendish, George Washington Carver,  Max Planck, Neils Bohr, Rachel Carson, Jonas Salk, Thomas Edison, Carl Sagan,  Steve Jobs, Robert Goddard, Ada Lovelace, Maria Montessori, Percy Julian, Rosalind Franklin, Neil deGrasse Tyson, or any scientist you find.


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