DUE TONIGHT!! NEED DONE BY 8 PM    · By 11:59pm, on the day their video presentation is due, every student will be required to turn in via Blackboard a reference page, and a 2 page summary of the

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· By 11:59pm, on the day their video presentation is due, every student will be required to turn in via Blackboard a

reference page

, and

a 2 page summary of the assigned article and description

of what they learned from the research, and feedback on the article.

  • Each      assignment must be typed 2 pages in length and in 12 pt font, 1.5 line      space, and 1 inch margins.

· Internet/ computer search should be conducted to find

1 additional article from a peer-reviewed scientific journal

that should be used to help you expand on the information discussed in the assigned article


For example, if the article discussed parenting styles then you would find an additional article that also involved research conducted on parenting styles. You should incorporate the additional information as a way to explore the topic in further depth. All references must be listed in

APA format

for both in-text citations and in a reference page that should be included with your paper.

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·  Although students should work collaboratively on their presentations,

all students should write their own paper (not a group effort). Also, you must find your own second article and will not earn higher than a “D” on your paper if you use the same second article used in your presentation.

· Late papers will be deducted 5 points for the first day late and then 10 points will be deducted for each additional day late. No papers will be accepted after one week from its original due date.

· The bulk of your paper should be centered around summarizing the assigned article and expanding on the article topic with your additional references.

o When summarizing the article in your paper, the following should be included:

· Identify and summarize the argument presented in the article.

· Indicate any author bias and point out unsubstantiated assumptions.

· Evaluate the reliability and research methods of the work (when appropriate).

· Outline new connections and/or ideas that are made.

· Outline the author’s conclusions and evaluate whether they are justified by the results provided.

· At the end of the article, in 1-2 paragraphs, is where you should discuss what you learned from conducting your research, and your personal opinion of the article. Also, briefly describe how you felt about discussing this article with your community members and their opinions on the topic.

· Prior to turning in your paper, please review it to ensure you have used correct spelling and grammar and that your writing reflects college writing skills.


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