each question needs to be answered but they only have to be a minimum of 250 words with references 1. Identify theories in business and psychology that can be utilized in crime analysis. Explain th

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each question needs to be answered  but they only have to be a minimum of  250 words with references

1. Identify theories in business and psychology that can be utilized in crime analysis. Explain their significance to solving crimes

2. Locate a story in the news about a crime. Utilize crime theory to analyze the crime from the news.

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3. Utilizing crime analysis theories, how would you address shoplifting (short-term approach) at a local store? How would you address truancy (long-term approach) in your jurisdiction? Be sure to cite your sources. You can use both public and private sources of information to approach the issue. Use creative thinking.

4. Crime analysis focuses on predicting criminal activity from scientific evidence. In a 24-hour period, take notes on your activities from your wake-up time to bedtime. Write down date, time, and location. Date identifies time of year. Time identifies time of day. Location identifies environment. What type of offenders would be attracted to those activities you documented? How many different offender types have you identified? Explain how this information would change your behavioral patterns

5. You are a crime analyst; you have a client who has a case involving a drug buy for a series of homes. What databases would you use to start your research? What data will the databases give you? How will you find out who lives at the residences, what phone numbers are associated with the addresses, what other property do they own, what cars are registered to the residents, and where they bank? Differentiate between these database sources and how you would use them as a crime analyst.

6. Crime analysis requires establishing value out of data. Officer Johnson gives you a cell phone that was in possession of a burglary suspect. What information can be downloaded from cell phones to be used as valuable data? After downloading data, what open sources can be used to obtain additional information to use for analysis?

7. Research at least three GIS systems (such as ArcGIS, Hunchlab, and Maptitude) that can be used by the police in crime mapping. Compare the products of the various vendors. Discuss the features that are offered by each, including the pros and cons, and analyze which vendors could be the most useful to a crime analyst for producing crime analysis products for their clients.

8.Learning about offenders’ characteristics helps with cases. What information from a crime scene, can help with identifying a person of interest? Why is the relationship between a person’s characteristics and how a crime was committed important?

9. Access IACA job listings page (https://www.iaca.net/dc_position_announcements.asp). Differentiate the various job responsibilities of the various job postings from different agencies, and the type of crime analysis products associated with each.

10. Crime analysts are tasked with different roles within an agency. After reviewing different job titles and duties, what crime analyst job announcement interests you the most? Why?

11. Imagine that you are a crime analyst; in district three of your city, there have been a series of burglaries. What kind of tactical products can you create that could be used by patrol officers? Explain how each of the different products could be used to reduce the number of burglaries in that district.

12. Search on Internet using Google News with key term “Crime analyst catches criminal.” What results did you receive? Select one news story and explain what role the crime analyst had in crime fighting

13. Choose a sample crime product from the IACA website. (https://www.iaca.net/dc_sample_products.asp ). Analyze the crime product. Explain how that crime product was produced based on its patterns and data. What software was used? How was the data gathered and organized? What value does the product have and for whom?

14. Crime spree” and “crime series”; discuss the difference between them. Research current news and provide an example of both.


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