ELM 360 GCU Health Unit Plan Discussion

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Benchmark – Science/Health Unit Plan 


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For this assignment, you will create a unit plan containing three   individual lesson plans designed for the students outlined in the   “Class Profile.” Choose a grade level for the students,   then select an NGSS from the physical, life, or earth/space sciences,   as well as a health/nutrition standard from your state, for the   3-lesson unit. You may adapt any previous assignments in the creation   of this mini-unit plan, as long as the three lessons form a planned,   cohesive unit.  Use the 5E lesson plan template for each of the   three lesson plans.

In your unit, design the three lesson plans so that they:

  • Use a variety of teaching strategies and technologies that     encourage the students’ development of critical thinking and     problem solving.
  • Use strategies that create opportunities     for students’ active engagement in their learning and promote     a supportive learning environment.
  • Incorporate the use of     digital resources to promote effective verbal, nonverbal, and media     communication techniques while creating opportunities for active     inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction in the elementary   classroom. 
  • Integrate formative and summative assessment     techniques that measure all four DOK levels, and provide students     feedback on their learning so that they can make adjustments;   and
  • Use differentiated strategies to meet the needs of all     students in the “Class Profile.”

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