Emerging To Adulthood Essay Writing Assignment

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Part 2:

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Read the Arnett paper and then Cote’s paper and write an essay (minimum 500 words) responding to one of the following Questions:

Critical Thinking Essay (Pick one question to answer for your essay [remember 500 word minimum]):

  1. Whose paper, Arnett or Côté, did you find to be the most compelling? Cite at least two specific examples from the articles to support your argument.
  2. Arnett used several points to define “emerging adulthood.” Choose two and explain how they support the idea that this is indeed a new stage in the lifespan. Balance this with your knowledge of the criticism brought forth by Cote and offer suggestions for future studies.
  3. Why does Côté believe that the concept of “emerging adulthood” is dangerous? Describe two reasons that Cote offers. Do you agree, and if so have you seen this problem in your own life?

Regardless of the critical thinking question you choose, make sure to define Emerging Adulthood and explain the concept of the proposed stage making sure to cite your sources (including those from your chapter, the readings, the videos and any other outside sources that you might use). Make sure to include a reference page.



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