​EN 300 L: Essay #3 (75 points): Narrative Essay

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EN 300 L: Essay #3 (75 points): Narrative Essay

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In 750+ words, write a narrative argument. Using either an example from your

personal experience or from another source, describe in detail a sequence of events and use these

events to make an argument on a topic related to them. Your purpose is to connect with your

readers to convince them to change their opinion on an important subject. Make sure to organize

your writing around a strong thesis.

Use descriptive detail and cite sources as appropriate, and include an additional works cited page

as needed.


: Your audience for this essay is a group of college students interested in social and

political issues, and who hold a wide range of views on those issues.

Additional Notes

: Two key things to remember: first, this essay needs to tell a story, and second,

that story should be used to convince your audience of your argument, NOT just to state your

own opinion.

Your essay does not have to be from your own personal experience, but all outside sources need

to be cited in MLA format. I would strongly recommend using other evidence beside your

narrative, because that will help with both logos and ethos, and will help make sure your

audience finds your narrative credible and generalizable.

As always, your goal should be to use the best means of persuasion you can find in the essay. In

narrative essays, it is particularly important to use vivid, specific details in your essay. The more

your readers see events through your eyes, the more likely they are to listen carefully to your

argument and to be persuaded. You do not need to include an explicit thesis, but you should

make sure it is clear to your audience what you are arguing for.

Grading scheme:

Thesis (explicit or implicit, but a clear and specific persuasive thesis): 10 points

Narrative, evidence and detail (be specific, clear, and persuasive): 30 points

Clarity and organization: 5 points

Grammar and mechanics: 5 points


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