Ethics in Cross Cultural Research Paper

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  • Consider the following: Professor Plum wants to investigate cross-cultural
    differences in attitudes towards different foods. He is very interested
    in nation “X”. However, he has never been there nor does he know the
    language or culture or the political situation. He also does not know
    if there are any psychologists living in that nation. Understanding
    attitudes about foods in this nation may help with people with eating
    disorders in Professor Plum’s country and eventually may help people
    with eating disorders in many nations.
  • As you consider Professor
    Plum’s research, think about the impact of his plans on human subject
    protection. Also, consider the ethical implications of the aims of his
    research purposes and his ability to gain information that will
    accurately represent those from whom he collects data.

Before Professor Plum begins his research, post and explain
some of the potential ethical issues he will need to consider (i.e.,
impact on human subject protection) and why this is an important
consideration. Further explain two ethical issues and suggest what
courses of action might be appropriate.

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Note: Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources and identify current relevant literature to support your work.

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