Evaluating Media and Identifying Fallacies

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  • For this assignment, you will write a short response after
    watching one of the following videos. Choose the video that interests
    you most.
  • Glenn Beck Political Commentary
  • Rant Between Geraldo Rivera and Bill O’Reilly
  • Ann Coulter Political Commentary
    • Start by briefly summarizing the clip’s content (2-3 sentences).
    • Next, describe 2-3 examples of evidence that were used to
      support the claims and whether you thought they were effective. If no
      evidence was used, explain the impacts of that gap.
    • Describe what tests for arguments the content would pass or fail. Provide an example to support your response.
    • Finally, identify any fallacies present. Name 1-2 fallacies used, providing specific examples.
  • Your work will be scored by the following criteria.


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Max. Points available

Content: In shaping his/her response, the

student applies vocabulary from the lesson correctly and uses specific

examples to shape his/her discussion. The student describes what tests

for arguments the content would pass or fail and provides an example to

support the response. He/she concludes by identifying 1-2 fallacies

that were used and provides specific examples.


Central Idea and Textual Evidence: The

student summarizes the clip’s content and identifies the central idea.

He/she provides 2-3 examples of evidence that were used to support the

claim while including an explanation of any gaps found.


Grammar/Mechanics: The assignment has been proofread and spellchecked prior to submission. There are no errors that impede comprehension.


Total Possible Points



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