Fault in Our Stars Outline

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Part I: Is The Fault in Our Stars the
story of a classic hero quest or journey?

a. Describe the elements of a hero quest and then explain which
of those elements are present in 
The Fault in Our Stars and
which are not.

How does your knowledge of the hero quest affect your understanding of the

What is the author trying to say through her book?

Part II: Is The Fault in Our Stars a
fairy tale? 

Bruno Bettelheim
wrote that “fairy tales have unequaled value.” In the excerpt we read
The Uses of Enchantment,
Bettelheim explain why fairy tales are so significant.

In your own words explain why Bettelheim contends that fairy tales are so
important to the moral education of a child.

Bettelheim writes that young children need fairy tales. How do fairy tales
differ from young adult literature? Be specific and provide examples to support
your points.

c. Is The Fault in Our Stars a
fairy tale? Explain your answer and provide specific examples from the
Bettelheim essay and 
The Fault in Our Stars to
support your conclusions.

Prepare a detailed outline
of your essay
.Include in the outline
every fact or quote you want to use in your essay. Also note the sources of the
information you use at the bottom of the outline.

any quotes from the book that can be used for a future essay. Also include

that can help with the outline:




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