Five-Paragraph Essay (800 words) Technology Should Be Employed and Improved In The Education System

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My topic is: Technology Should Be Employed and Improved In The Education System

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  • Include all of the elements of a five-paragraph essay: Introduction, Body Paragraphs (3), and Conclusion.
  • It is important that your thesis statement includes the topic and your three points of discussion.
  • Your topic sentences MUST include the point of discussion for that paragraph.
  • Watch for grammar errors: run-on sentences, fragments, missing commas after introductory phrases and clauses, subject-verb agreement, and commonly confused words.
  • Do not use the second person pronouns (you, your, yours, yourself)

The Five-Paragraph Essay: Structure


This assignment requires you to write a well-organized, multi-paragraph essay that includes a topic sentence and well-structured paragraphs (topic sentence, evidence, analysis, and transitions).

The Structure

As the title of the essay indicates, it has a total of five paragraphs. Below, you will see that there is an introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.

  • Paragraph 1: The Introduction
  • Paragraph 2: Body Paragraph
  • Paragraph 3: Body Paragraph
  • Paragraph 4: Body Paragraph
  • Paragraph 5: The Conclusion

The Introduction

The introduction is comprised of four parts: the hook, the background information, the context, and the thesis statement.

  • Hook
  • Background Information
  • Context
  • Thesis Statement

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs are the meat of your essay. After the thesis statement, they are the most important part of your writing. Remember that your body paragraphs are all in the essay to help you prove the claim in your thesis. In this type of essay, each topic sentence will relate back to a point in the thesis statement.

  • Point: Topic sentence
  • Evidence
  • Explain: Analysis
  • Link: Transitions

The Conclusion

The conclusion “wraps up” the essay like your concluding statements “wrap up” your paragraphs. Since your conclusion is more than one sentence, the following structure should help you create a strong ending:

  • Refer back to the claim in the thesis statement
  • “Book jacket summary” of your argument
  • Refer back to your hook

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