Food web assistant needed

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please see attachment

Grade 10 Human & Social Biology

Food Web Project

Materials needed:

· Large sheet of paper

· Pictures of organisms

· Ruler

· Scissors

· Glue

· Pencil

Read the summary below. Using the pictures given, construct the food web described.


Construct the food web from the given information

· Title [all caps & underlined] – 1 pt.

· All arrows [right direction, arrow heads, etc.] – 15 pts.

· Trophic levels [clearly defined, organisms not haphazard] – 1 pt.

Use the information from your food web to answer the following:

1. Which organism has the MOST diet options?

[1 pt.]

2. Which producer is fed on most?

[1 pt.]

3. Who are the primary consumers?

[4 pts.]

4. Explain how removal of the pacific black duck population would affect the waterboatman population.

[2 pts.]

TOTAL ~ 25 pts.

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