FSM4880 Alcohol and The Law – Assignment Paper

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complete this assignment. For this assignment you should review the state alcohol laws listed in the links provided (Wikipedia) and one other source you will identify. (State liquor board webpage as a suggestion)

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When you have completed the paper submit it to the assignment area as an attached file.

Assignment Submission Guidelines:

1. This assignment is to be done individually.

2. It will be necessary to conduct research outside of your textbook and lecture notes to complete this assignment.

3. This short paper must be presented in a professional format: written in paragraph form, use headers, typed, cover page, proper MLA format.


The following topics and answers to these questions should be addressed in your response paper:

I already choose the topic it is Phoenix, Arizona, you can following topic. You can complete this assignment.

1. List the (city, state and theme/concept) you have picked for the paper from Section 1 of the term project.

2. Discuss if the state an open or controlled state for beer wine or spirits? Explain.

3. Discuss the hours for the sale of alcoholic beverages on-premise and off-


4. Discuss what the minimum ages to serve alcohol, sell alcohol, and mix alcoholic beverages?

5. Discuss the laws relating to happy hours in the state?

6. Discuss the different types of alcoholic sales licenses which are available AND the process for obtaining a license?

7. Are there any other unique laws governing the purchasing or sale of alcoholic beverages related to this state?

8. Discuss how the laws in #1 above differ from the laws in other states (Pick a few geographically from the north south east west to compare)


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