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Help is needed in genetic assignment please

Module5A Homework
Student name _____________

Clinical Genetics

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Each entry is worth 1 point, 10 points total

Welcome to module 1 of Clinical Genetics. I am Dr. Kris Behan, the department chair of the Medical Laboratory Sciences Dept at the University of West Florida.


Page 1 of homework

Indicate the answer on the drawing

Where will the next nucleotide add on the left strand? Put a star there.

On the right strand? Put a star there.

What bases will complete the double strand? Draw them in with the correct letter (just the letter!)

Indicate the number of H bonds between the bases with lines

Page 2 of homework

Indicate the answer on the drawing

Name each sugar and identify the carbons by number (include the prime) on deoxyribose

Page 3 of homework

The nucleotide on the left has thymine as its base. Name the nucleotide _____________

The base is attached to which carbon of the sugar? _____________

Which sugar is seen? _____________

Is thymine a purine or a pyrimidine? _________

The base on the right is adenine. Use powerpoint to arrange/rotate/flip it. Did you do it? _____ That’s how it will align with the nucleotide on the left. How many H bonds will they share? _____


Module 5C Homework Name ______________________ 10 points total

We’ve got some homework. I’ve taken problems from chapter 9. Some of them require you to go to the website for the National Center for Biotechnology Information. If you become a geneticist, a biochemist or a molecular biologist, you’ll go to this website often.

I recommend that you read the Chapter questions on page 213. They are easy, and provide the answers..

Genomics on the web at Go to that website and bookmark it. Do these problems, found on page 216 of Snustead and Simmons. At the NCBI website, in the search bar type in Genome data Viewer. In the search bar for organisms, Search Homo sapiens. Scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see ideograms (illustrations) of chromosomes on the bottom right. Click on the largest chromosome to answer #1, and the smallest to answer #2. Use the search function to answer #3.

The available evidence indicates that each eukaryotic chromosome contains one giant DNA molecule.

1. Which human chromosome contains the largest DNA molecule? How large is it in base pairs (the answer is at the top of the screen beside the name of the chromosome)? (2 pts) ___

2. Which human chromosome contains the smallest DNA molecule? How many base pairs does it contain? (2 pts) ___

3. Which human chromosomes contain genes encoding H1 histones? Just select the ones that have H1 in the title. (use the Search bar on the left nav panel, type in histone H1) (3 pts) ___

4. What was the objective of the experiment carried out by Hersey and Chase? How was it accomplished, and what was the significance of the experiment? (2 pts) ___

5. Are the scaffolds of eukaryotic chromosomes composed of histone or nonhistone chromosomal proteins? (1 pt) ___


Clinical Genetics

Module 6A homework

10 points

Who did the density gradient experiment to show DNA replication is semi-conservative? __ (1 pt)

How did they label their DNA? (that means, how did they make 2 types of DNA that were different? __(1 pt)

What was the density gradient they used made of ? __ (1 pt)

On the next slides, I have turned the density gradient tube upright. In the textbook images, it is horizontal. Each page asks you to indicate where DNA will land after centrifugation.

These are the control tubes.
1. Label them appropriately a light or heavy
2. Use color bands to show where a mix of light and heavy will go. (2 points on this slide) (Hint: to change color of an object, right click it, then select the color in the bucket icon)

Mix of heavy and light

These are the control tubes.
1. Copy your mix of heavy and light into this slide
2. Draw in the results of the first generation
3. Draw in the results of the 2nd and 3rd generations. Verify this with your notes. (3 points)

Mix of heavy and light

1st generation 2nd generation 3rd generation

How do these results demonstrate semiconservative replication?(1 pt)

How do these results disprove conservative replication?(1 pt)

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