Global analysis viewpoint

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3 or 4 references

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apa format

based on previus discussion fro following course MGMT690-1504B-01


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assignment previous – Unit 2 DB discussion posting

new assignment:

You enter your project team meeting with Mike and Tiffany to hear
them discussing the tools that they found to conduct an analysis of the
industry and competitors. “Mike, there are so many more tools than I
even realized to give us some good data,” Tiffany states.

know,” Mike says. “That’s why I wanted to take some time to look at our
options and figure out what information we really need to support the
board’s decision.”

Mike and Tiffany both found some great tools from their research on the subject. Complete the following:

  • Based
    on your classmates’ discussion posts for Week 2, do you still believe
    the tools that you selected will work best for a global strategy? Why
    or why not?
  • What evidence do you have to support your decision?
  • How would you refute the people who chose an additional tool rather than one of the tools that you selected?
  • Based on the tools that you selected, provide a brief analysis of your market, using those tools.

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