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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on physics-based ultrasound Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! These crystals are located in the transducer probe. Periodic movement creates the waves of pressure necessary to move the pistons to different lengths along with the medium (776). The faster movement of the pistons indicates closer compressions between each piston.

The sound waves are created by the varying levels of pressure pulsations throughout the medium. High pressure indicates compression and low pressure indicates rarefaction (Rubin, p778). The transducer probe sends sounds and receives the echoes through the piezoelectric effect. When an electrical current reaches the piezoelectric crystals, sound waves travel emanate and the crystals change shape (Keogh, p344). The rapid shape fluctuations are responsible for the vibrations. The reverse also occurs: When the waves of sound reach the crystals, electric currents are released.

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the ultrasound equipment contains the amplifiers and memory along with the necessary supply of power for the transducer probe (Keogh 2004, p333). Controlling when the transducer emits currents and computing the reception of the electrical pulses that are stimulated by the sound current, the CPU is able to calculate and create the image derived from the data. With the manipulation of the ultrasound pulses and the scan mode, the ultrasound technician is able to focus on the images and search for any abnormalities.

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Time Gain Compensation (TGC) uses the differences between the reflection amplitudes and the reflector depth and with both values the TGC equalizes them. Reflectors exist with equal reflector coefficients which creates differing amplitude reflections. This is dependent on the varying distances of the transducers. With the use of the TGC, amplitudes can be adjusted to allow for various path differences. When the path is lengthier, the corresponding amplitude is greater. Conversely, a shorter path has a smaller corresponding amplitude. Manufacturer presets must also be factored into decision-making by the ultrasonographer. The ultrasound machine automatically collects data of frequently-used settings. The operator optimizes the various settings for the best imaging and the ultrasound machine adopts these settings as standard.


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