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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on strategic analysis project Paper must be at least 3750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Corporate office sees an opportunity for fresh new ideas and perceptive from you, and is looking for a formal business case, which will include a well researched strategy, specific tactics, and a complete communication plan that will help this hotel achieve very specific and measurable business objectives .

This account will first examine the Canada base Signature hotel market, talk about the main industry group of actors and show the family member significance of input issue. Moreover, it will find out the Canada consumer trends, there the variety of background of investors and provide a future outlook the length of with a predict which has been built-up to exemplify the manufacturing and the factors touching its growth and future. In end, it determination remark on short-term and long-term asset as well as recommending an result for the shareholder.

Kevin (et all, 2006) has conducted research into the innovative practices used by hotels to satisfy customer needs and preferences, specifically business travelers and also women business travelers who have increased needs of safety and privacy. The research shows that professionalism of front-line staff was rated as a top individual item with the highest level of agreement among managers in achieving and maintaining competitiveness. As the nature of the hospitality industry is to provide service through people, front-line staffs, which have direct contact with customers, play an essential role in delivering quality service. Choi (16 April 2007) has suggested that business travelers try to fit in some pleasure along with the business trip. The author has given details from the National Business Travel Association, which suggests that 62 percent of U.S. business travelers add a leisure component to at least one business trip every year and two thirds said that they also bring along a family member of a friend to the trip.

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1.1. Current expectations

CNN (Chan, 14 August 2007) has reported that there is a change in the profile of the business traveler and this segment includes women, single parents, double income families, people who would like to take their families, spouse or kids along and those who look forward to combining a vacation along with the business trip. When people come with their kids or other family members, they expect some type of entertainment, sight seeing facilities and those with young kids expect a small playpen, a decent swimming pool and other such facilities. The article also claims that nearly half of all business travelers are women who travel alone and have special needs for security in their rooms, in the car parking area, the lobby, elevator, restaurant, bar and other areas. Women need special care to ward off unwanted attention as they enter the hotel, have food or a drink and hotel staff are trained to provide them better services. Some hotels have created women friendly services with special floors exclusively for women and monitor all approach and exit points in the hotel.

Florio (30 May 2007) has reported that the Generation X or the new young business travelers expect “luxuries of home in exchange for their hard earned travel dollar.


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