Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Strain Behavior of Mild Steel and High Yield Steel Bars.

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Strain Behavior of Mild Steel and High Yield Steel Bars. The samples under this study exhibited a relatively large deflection. high ductility and deformation prior to collapse. This report, therefore, presents a description of the properties of the plain round bar and the reinforcing bar. The calculations from these observations are highlighted.

A full understanding and behavior of the construction materials is an important aspect of engineering design. The physical properties of structural materials are expected to meet the demand of the fundamental assumptions defining structural rules that guide designs.

Mild steels are employed in a wide array of engineering applications. Therefore, the study of mechanical characteristics at various strain rates is important. This is in order to improve the safety of equipment against impacts and crashing.

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The characteristics of steel are mainly determined by its chemical composition, manufacturing method and heat treatment. But, there are some physical properties that also influence the behavior of steel. such as Young’s Modulus of elasticity, ultimate strength and yield strength and percentage elongation.

Knowledge of the behavior of structural steel under load is crucial to ensure that structural collapse does not occur and that serviceability requirements are put in place. To this end, the following mechanical properties of a material are required.

In view of the stress-strain curves resulting from this experiment. The samples behave as if they have a definite spring constant according to Hooke’s Law. The stress-strain curve is linear in the elastic region. In the stress-strain curve so long as loading of the mild steel is done within the elastic region. the strains are totally recoverable and the sample will return to its original measurements as the load is relaxed to zero. Immediately the load value exceeds the yield point, gross plastic deformation, which is permanent, occurs to the specimen as the load is gradually returned to zero&nbsp.afterward.


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