Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Pill Bugs Prefer Moisture Content of Water over Soda.

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Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Pill Bugs Prefer Moisture Content of Water over Soda. They have an oval or slightly elongated structure with seven pairs of legs and their color ranges from dark grey to white. Pillbugs are also called “rolly-pollies” as they roll into a tight ball as soon as they sense danger (Koehler 1999). This action of “conglobation” protects them from predators and also safeguards the delicate ventral surface of the organism and helps them to survive under lethal conditions (Smigel & Gibbs 2008). The water loss is very high in terrestrial isopods, thus the process of conglobation help in conserving water in the case of pill bugs as they are the only crustacea that can perform conglobation. (Smigel & Gibbs 2008). Pillbugs are usually seen under “natural debris” like rocks, logs, and also under bricks, boards, trash, decaying vegetation, or areas where the humidity is high (Holland par. 2014). They are omnivores and feed primarily on decaying organic matter and also damage the roots of green plants. Pillbugs are crawling, which is slow-moving arthropod and require high moisture content and are usually active during the night.

Pillbugs obtain oxygen with the help of “gills” located underside of the body and since it is a type of terrestrial species, its gills require continuous wetting for its functioning and hence pill bugs are mostly seen in moist areas (Colorado Crustacean of Interest: Pillbug(“Roly-Poly”) 2013). The main issue seen with the pill bugs is drying out in the terrestrial environment. Pillbugs have the ability to absorb the water vapor from the damp air probably with the help&nbsp.of its gills. In this experiment, the behavior of the organism was observed including their speed, appearance, and preferred direction of motion. In the first experiment, observations were made to prove the hypothesis that pill bugs prefer moist conditions than dry conditions. According to the nature of the organism, they prefer a moist environment for the functioning of their gills through which they respire. There are different moist environment and the second experiment was conducted to prove the second hypothesis that pill bugs preferred environment moist with water over soda. For this test, two moist medium was used, water and soda (Pepsi cherry), and results were drawn on the basis of observation.


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