Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic CES, Manufacturing Process Selection.

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Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic CES, Manufacturing Process Selection. Manufacture is the process of combining various materials using a diversity of process in order to come up with a product or service in order to satisfy the end-user. The materials being used must be selected economically. In order to manufacture the best component a detailed selection of the materials being used must be chosen appropriately. The various types of processes involved in the component manufacture include joining, shaping, and surface treatment. These are also divided into different subcategories in order to be specific in the various processes involved. For example fasteners, casting, machining, powder methods.

There is always a link between material, process, design, performance, and economics of the product manufacture through joining or shaping. If there is a poor selection of the material being used then the process of manufacture will not be successful, this will lead to the wrong design of the product. The performance also will be affected because of the wrong design. This will intern affect the economic viability of the product since it will not meet the customer’s expectations.

In order to understand the whole process of material selection, the process involved and their performance, the software was invented that can perform different functions. The software is called a Cambridge engineering selector. Its main uses are a selection of a specific tool, as a material selection tool, as a database of material-related and process-related data. Any type of material can be selected from the database with their properties both physical and mechanical. From that, the best manufacturing process can be identified in order to come up with the best design possible.

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When carrying out material selection different aspects need to be considered in order to come up with the best design for effective performance. The design process involves several processes. determining the market need or design requirements, developing a concept or ways in which the requirement can be met, feasibility&nbsp.study, doing the actual design which entails coming up with a detailed drawing of a component, and finally prototype testing.&nbsp.


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