Hi, need to submit a 4750 words paper on the topic Human Personalities in Usability Tests.

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Hi, need to submit a 4750 words paper on the topic Human Personalities in Usability Tests. Different human personalities reflect different results in usability testing. It is very important to have an in-depth psychological understanding of human personalities even as one conducts these tests.

The choice of participants is widely believed to influence the results of the usability test. For this study, it is postulated that there is a high likelihood of the participant’s personality to influence the overall usability testing experience.

The ease of use of a product by a consumer can be quantified using usability tests. Usability requires a thorough understanding of the expected users of that product, their need, and the circumstances or environment of product usage. The human-centered design approach of efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction comprises the overall design process of a usability test.

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Precisely, the personality dimensions of extraversion-introversion have been claimed to have an effect on the user’s interaction with a computing product. Therefore, it is worthwhile for this study to establish the influence of the personality dimension on usability testing experience.

Usability tests are motivated by a companies’ need to increase revenue and fulfill its objectives and goals. A user testing procedure is a social encounter between both the product and the participants or the evaluator and the product.

Furthermore, personality information is typically necessary for developing a product since it helps the manufacturer to incorporate the wide range of user needs of individuals (Hertzum et al., 2009). It has been shown that personality has a substantial effect on a user’s interaction with a product.

A major drawback in the development of efficient interfaces on product use is that there has been limited empirical evidence on the effect of participant personality on usability testing (Lindgaard and Chattratichart, 2007).


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