How do the definitions of phototrophs and chemotrophs differ from autotrophs and heterotrophs?

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autotroph and heterotroph refer to whether an organism prepare its own food or get it in prepared form from any other source..

where as phototrophs and chemotrophs mention to the way which an organism take to prepare its food…

all the four terms mentioned above are concerned with feeding mode of an organism but they differ from each other greatly…

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when we distinguish an organism on its feeding mode, we primarily differentiate it in 2 branches…
1) Autotroph-who can prepare their food themselves from raw materials
2) Heterotroph-who get prepared food from other organic sources

now, if an organism is placed as autotrophs, then it can be further distinguished as a phototroph or chemotroph,i.e,
1. Phototroph-which prepare its food in presence of light by photosynthesis
2. Chemotroph-which prepare its food in presence of certain chemicals by chemosynthesis..

the d/f b/w 4 terminologies can be better understood by given chart…

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