I have attached Formal Proposal Part 1 with the professor comments and corrections needed, along with the Formal Proposal Part 2 Instructions & Grading Rubric. Please follow information provided very

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I have attached Formal Proposal Part 1 with the professor comments and corrections needed, along with the Formal Proposal Part 2 Instructions & Grading Rubric. Please follow information provided very carefully. Thanks

Formal Proposal Instructions—Part 2

For Part 2 of the formal proposal, you must submit the corrected Part 1 along with the remainder of the required elements in a formal proposal.

Follow the instructions below for the scenario you selected last week.

Complete and compile approximately 10 pages as your formal proposal.

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I have attached Formal Proposal Part 1 with the professor comments and corrections needed, along with the Formal Proposal Part 2 Instructions & Grading Rubric. Please follow information provided very
SERVICE TRAINING PROGRAM PROPOSAL Lyn, This transmittal letter is part of next week’s assignment, so I won’t look at it here. You have a nice cover page, but the title page requires more info, including the headings Prepared by and Prepared for. Your proposal is interesting and has some fine points. There were a few instances where it was difficult to see what you were proposing, and I noted a number of semicolon usage issues. Check this for help: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/607/04/. Make the corrections in this assignment and then add the front matter for next week’s part 2. 12099 Center Road, San Antonio, Texas 78223-9310. Monday, June 25, 2018 Chief Operating Officer Globtex International Inc., 800 Connecticut Avenue North West, Washington D.C., 20006-2709 Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you once more for reaching-out and taking into consideration our company in favor of training your classified staff at Globtex International Incorporation. Thoughtfully do analyze this proposal and advise accordingly. I am keyed up to see the success of this training as well as looking forward in pursuing the subsequent procedures once given the go ahead. Kind Regards! Sincerely, Mark Tek (Lead Corporate Speaker and Consultant) Introduction: Since, [delete] its incorporation for now over seven years, Mark-Ten [proofread carefully] Consulting has turned-out to be one of the leading consulting and training firm [plural] in the industry, that has been providing tangible and measurable solutions. These solutions have supported our clients to reach the peak of their businesses ambitions and success. Through the integration of innovative and creative strategic designing, planning, and implementation; [not a semicolon but a comma] we have productively brought our clients and their targeted customers together in a win-win gain situation. Our mission is to provide a multifaceted improvement in the level and culture of business management, as a policy of across the organization improvement [awkward and unclear] in the business prosperity and the standard of our customers, and in so doing, the community as a whole. We do provide solutions in three basic areas that take account of technical consultancy, business advisory, in addition to training and development. All categories provide an extensive of local plus international business customers; furthermore they have made a landmark as unparalleled marketplace influential in numerous industries. We accept as true that the success of our customers’ [not possessive but just plural] is ours too; furthermore professionalism is part and parcel of our endeavors, [comma splice] we constantly uphold soaring service standards and a honed team that for all time strives towards delivery of tangible, concrete, and result-oriented solutions. In this way we comprehend our clients’ specific business language, and live the way they live; [not a semicolon but a comma] therefore wholeheartedly supporting them to discover unexpected prospects, deal with in addition to sustaining [awkward] their business boom, as they make the most of returns. Purpose: The characteristic of an organization that is deemed to be service-centric oriented is one that encompasses staffs who vehemently [wrong word—to violent] fit into place in addition to being passionate on the subject of delivering incomparable consumer experiences, so as to sustain the old loyal clients as well as be at the advantage of attracting and keeping new ones (Price & Reichert, 2017). As Globtex International Incorporation continues to improve in addition to evolve and expand to new national and global regions, the capacity of the company’s staff towards delivering complimentary [spelling] as well as reliable services has on no account been more significant in the present increasingly developing and competitive business industry. The purpose of the plan, therefore, is to enhance Globtex International Incorporation effectiveness by providing opportunities that are focused towards promoting excellence in performance and personal growth among the administrators, departmental managers, supervisors, and staff. This service training program is in line with the professional development program at Globtex International Incorporation; [not semicolon] which is to enhance organizational effectiveness and accountability through data-driven decision-making, in addition to planning, evaluation, and improvement of the customer care and experience services, professional development opportunities, as well as governance structures. Thus the training is a timely one as it will avail the staff with the much-needed opportunity to enhance their hands-on skills, develop their knowledge base, and become more enlightened and aware. The Plan: We will develop and deliver a tailor-made one-week training workshop to engage, equip, as well as motivate the company’s staff service delivery to an extra point. The program shall be transformative and will take account of exercises that are interactive, illustrations that are practical, plus coaching in real-time, thus being entertaining but with a centered background. Staff evaluation shall be used as a tool to ensure that the purpose of the training has been achieved. This shall be achieved through an ongoing process of evaluating individual participants through opinions of staff, supervisors, departmental managers, and professional development committees through the administration of questioners, group discussions, and interviews on a quarterly and annual basis (UCR, 2015). The Outcomes/Payoffs: At the end of the one-week training session the following outcomes will be realized: The staff that have the ability to identify world class service plus augment responsiveness along with dedication towards delivering outstanding and unparalleled client experience A workforce equipped with verified practices for rapport building plus able to go beyond set benchmarks for both interior and exterior clientele Teams that are equipped at their finger-tips with the capability of highlighting the influence of the foremost impressions that master the opening instants that position the attitude for the client know-how Staff who have the ability to promote and nurture greater consistency in service delivery in a productivity, profitable, and sustainable manner for win-win gain situations Staff who are equipped with a tangible, concrete, measurable, and demonstrated approach for enhanced service improvement moreover problem-solving Enhanced individual possession in addition to the enhancement of the employees to persistently progress customer experience quality The Program Details and Investment: At Mark-Tek Consulting, we do value the relationship of our every client and we always strive to build loyal and lasting relationships. For that reason, our consulting firm is pleased to offer this tailor-made and transformative one-week training program at a special introductory dare for Globtex International Incorporation. Table 1: Program Details and Budget 1st Day 2nd Day 3rd Day 4th Day 5th Day 6th Day 7th Day Classified Staff Group Size: 30-35 Length: 3 Hours Date/Time: *TBD Classified Staff Group Size: 30-35 Length: 3 Hours Date/Time: *TBD Classified Staff Group Size: 30-35 Length: 3 Hours Date/Time: *TBD Classified Staff Group Size: 30-35 Length: 3 Hours Date/Time: *TBD Classified Staff Group Size: 30-35 Length: 3 Hours Date/Time: *TBD Classified Staff Group Size: 30-35 Length: 3 Hours Date/Time: *TBD Classified Staff Group Size: 30-35 Length: 3 Hours Date/Time: *TBD THE ART OF WORLD-CLASS SERVICE: Key to an Exceptional Customer Service Deliverables Include: Associated materials and giveaways Tailor-made designing, improvement, and training delivery Pre-work plus research Follow-up plus support Normal Program Rate is: $7,000 Globtex International Incorporation Introductory Rate is: $2,400 *TBD: To Be Discussed The Presenter: Mark Tek (Lead Corporate Speaker and Consultant): Mark Tek is an expert in customer experience and a tested, tried as well as a trusted advisor in business management. His enthusiasm in coaching along with developing emerging leaders was honed during an impressive career with Canton International Hotel, where he oversaw training and development as well as led the largest Canton International Hotel in the United States to a number one rating in staff performance. He was also the select member of the Canton International Hotel leadership center and a spokesman for the hotel’s legendary service. He is now the Chief Executive Officer of Mark-Tek Consulting firm whereby he has provided professional world-service business management training to over 500 companies globally. He has been featured, appeared or published in various magazines that include MSNBC, Fortune, and Ebony. He received his Bachelor’s in Business Management (Marketing) and Master’s in Business Administration from Michigan State University, as well as accomplished the Executive Management program from the same institution. Conclusion: This tailor-made training has the much-needed information that will enhance the staff of your company’s staff to be able to provide incomparable and exceptionable customer world-services that will champion the firm’s productivity, profitability, and sustainability. We, therefore, do look forward to an outstanding program. References: UCR (2015). Human Resources: Supervisor’s guide to performance appraisal. http://hr.ucr.edu/docs/performance/supervisorsguide.pdf Price, S., and & Reichert, C. (2017). The Importance of Continuing Professional Development to Career Satisfaction and Patient Care: Meeting the Needs of Novice to Mid- to Late-Career Nurses throughout Their Career Span [Cap 1st words only in titles]. Administrative Sciences [italicize journal titles]7(17). https://res.mdpi.com/def5020011a128bec2d6711a80ac5bceac2883c6f034bb9f26794fdfe352f3e1bb00d21aab3f816e2140b1b727f0221b6b74bafc30a483fcb09e2cf6d50b0cffdc5d9b484f00965cf525d6eacaaca097e3214c78acd2dcdbc5660a736fbf09b601435dd0b4f69f3c12473f8216346e8134e786b5942faadb530309cd2e481b72bcf413565528f0374106a20763?filename=&attachment=1


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