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I need some assistance with these assignment. answering questions Thank you in advance for the help! Intended strategy is often planned unlike emergent strategy which is which emerges incrementally. Emergent strategy, therefore, is often used to respond to emergency situations. Intended strategy has a well laid out structure and plan whereas emergent is usually informal and doesn’t have a well laid out structure (Grant, 2010). Another difference is that intended structure is as a result of critical thinking and execution while emergent is often based on trial and error. Intended strategy involves analyzing situations while emergent strategy is based on exploring options or finding out solutions.

This school is visionary in nature and it has a centralized leadership through the Chief Executive Officer (Ireland, Hoskisson & Hitt, 2009). It has a body the where crucial decisions can be taken and comprehensive tactics can be deduced. These bodies use intuition, visions, inspiration, and inspiration as tools for guiding their decision making process

Its strategy comes about through constant experimentation and adapting to situations. This means that strategies are gained through experience (Grant & Jordan, 2012). The more the experiences the greater the knowledge learned from them. There is no clear pattern to describe how strategies are formulated.

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Internal Strategic Analysis is undertaken to evaluate and organization’s strategic capabilities and so as to know its main strengths and weaknesses, and sources of the sustainable competitive advantage. The model used is SWOT analysis. This means that the strength and weaknesses likely to impact the strategy development is reviewed. The information need is derived using an internal analytical tool such as value chain and financial analysis.

Organizational purpose tries to explain the reason for the existence of the organization.


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