I need some assistance with these assignment. chekhov’s life and works Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. chekhov’s life and works Thank you in advance for the help! He was a writer, playwright, and physician. It would not be wrong if I say that he knew the pulse of Russian society in particular and human nature in general.

Born in a provincial and remote city on the shores of the Sea of Azov, Chekhov experienced philistine poverty under the supervision of a suppressed mother and tyrant and religious zealot father (Bunin 4) who was a grocer and son of a serf (Liukkonen). Chekhov’s grandfather bought freedom for himself and his three sons in 1841 and taught himself reading and writing. Chekhov’s early life is shadowed by his father’s suppression and strict behavior (Liukkonen). Frenzied father forced his sons to sing an evening church choir. He not only tormented Chekhov and his brothers with late-night rehearsals but also asked them to play their roles as “master’s eyes and ears” in his shop. Antonia was soon discovered to be more reliable than his brothers. therefore, his father relied on him frequently. However, this compulsion proved to be productive for Chekhov and the world in the form of stories like. “The Sacred Night,” “The Sacred Mountains,” “The Student,” “Perhaps,” “and The Archbishop.”Chekhov would have never aware of the religious services and people with simple souls without these exercises (Bunin 4).

Chekhov attended a Greek school in Taganrog (1867-68 and then Taganrog grammar school (1868-79). Hid father’s bankruptcy forced the family to migrate to Moscow. Tutoring made Chekhov independent enough to support himself and spend some time alone in his hometown. In 1879, Chekhov got enrolled in Moscow University Medical School. He supported himself and his family by publishing hundreds of comic stories. Subjects of Chekhov’s stories were nonsensical social situations, marital issues, absurd encounters between husbands, wives, lovers, and mistresses, and whimsical young women. Though Chekhov had much knowledge of these issues, he was shy even after his marriage (Liukkonen).

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Chekhov worked as a physician for most of his life as an adult. He gave credit to his medical profession for his power of observation and sense of direction in literary work (Loehlin viii). He often stated that “Medicine is my lawful wife, and literature is my mistress” (qt. in Loehlin viii).


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