I need some assistance with these assignment. differences and similarities of oppression theories Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. differences and similarities of oppression theories Thank you in advance for the help! The process requires careful exploration of the centrality of race in shaping the history of the country, the legacy of imperialism and slavery, and the perseverance of ideas that revolve around cultural dominance (Yip, 2012). However, there is a need to explore the long history of class exploitation and the frequently hidden injuries associated with the class in society. In order to do so, a comparison between two major theoretical texts will be carried out. Gerda Lerner’s mainly explores the origin of women’s subsidiary roles to men in society. Learner’s article mainly focuses on the Neolithic period. During this period, women were exchanged between tribes for pragmatism purposes. According to Young, justice should not only apply to the feature of how it is distributed but should also be employed to the institutional ways in which people are muffled as a group as well as an individual. After a critical review of both texts, it is clear that both writers mainly focus on the oppression that is occurring in society. This paper will seek to identify the differences and similarities between the two theorists.

The main argument presented by Iris Young was to categorize the five different methods through which people that do not have the power are oppressed. Iris claims that the people who have power are the ones that oppress other people. Young’s definition of the term oppression reveals that the people in power keep down and oppress the majority who are powerless. Notably, the people who have the power gain it through ascribed status1. I concur with Young’s argument that just those with power are the ones who can mistreat. Without power, individuals cant make class frameworks, figure out who can work, have the ability to advise individuals what to do, make others acknowledge their way of life, or be permitted to commit violence. These are all attributes that the overwhelming gathering in power has. Without power, individuals are enslaved to the five classifications of oppression.&nbsp.


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