I need some assistance with these assignment. grains and the environment Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. grains and the environment Thank you in advance for the help! Due to its centrality in planning, it is vital for consideration. First, PMP emphasizes the aspects of time-consciousness for maximum benefits. For example, firm produce or return depends significantly on the time of supply and quality. Proper planning enables the concerned people to know how much quantity of farm produce exists, where they are supposed to be delivered and when they are expected to be provided (Finch, 2011). Additionally, proper logistics concerning transports and arrangements for timely deliveries of other farm requirements is only possible in an environment that is time conscious. Nevertheless, demand and supply of most farm produce and conditions are usually seasonal hence only timely planned counteractions can help solve disasters in such cases. Without forgetting, some firms have many sections due to the range of activities they carry out. hence, PMP helps in easy identification of where things are on the farm. Through that, employees and other stakeholders know exactly where to find what they want hence reducing time wastage between moving from one section of the farm to another. Finch (2011) adds that time is one of the crucial key performance indicators that help in determining the profitability index of any venture. PMP acknowledges that fact, and that is why it stresses on time-saving to assist the concerned people to drive production to the maximum value. Therefore, the idea of time remains significant in PMP.

PMP gives summarized and updated information about an enterprise so that the managers and other key stakeholders have what it takes to run the firm smoothly and efficiently. The provision of these details is imperative in establishing the number of resources that are available for use. Since a farm may possess so many assets, PMP provides a clear record of all the assets and the asset and property values (Martin, 2006).


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