I need some assistance with these assignment. hrm and collective bargaining Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. hrm and collective bargaining Thank you in advance for the help! A recommendation would be to employ distributive bargaining for better results.

&nbsp.The following is an integrative report on the role of the human resources function in terms of negotiating with labor unions. The report will delve into management relations with unions, and how these relationships are likely to be affected if either the union or management take a rigid stand during collective bargaining negotiations, and not exercise flexibility. The report will also look into such factors as health and safety regulations, misconduct, payroll, minimum wage, and others, to establish arguments and issues from either side and will attempt to culminate all these factors to come up with meaningful conclusions and/or provide future recommendations.

&nbsp.Where possible, the report will endeavor to provide examples of real organizational cases to strengthen relevant arguments. The report will make use of extensive established literature in the subject area to gain and provide theoretical input towards its discussions.

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&nbsp.Employment relationship is protected by two different types of regulations namely legal and voluntary regulations (Willey, 2003), where legal regulations refer to standardised laws passed by the government like processes for dealing with complaints about infringement of legal rights. and the provision of solutions. whereas voluntary regulations refer to the additional discretion employers have, in compliance with legal regulations, in determining pay and employment conditions and the procedures followed. use of grievance procedures. disciplinary procedures. the roles of consultation and collective bargaining. and the involvement of third parties to the regulation of employment relations (Willey, 2003. Newell and Scarbrough, 2002).


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