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I need some assistance with these assignment. , journalism, mass media and communication Thank you in advance for the help! The Update is a new newsletter which has been launched to keep the students of Regent University abreast with the school’s activities during the holiday periods. The hope is that the students will continually feel a part and parcel of this great institution even during the holidays. Hopefully, the newsletter also hopes to draw interest on some of the activities which can do better with increased participation.

To start with, Regent University has been fortunate to hold the regional sports day. The sports day which is a new phenomenon in this region hopes to bring together students from Universities around the region. This is seen as a major step in improving the social life of those involved as well as showcasing talent which is abundant across our Universities. Most of you may not be aware that the preparations for this event have been ongoing for three months now. This may be due to the fact that those who were overly involved were participants who have been honing their skills over this period. As per the University’s administration, participation is expected to go a notch higher next year especially given the great strides recorded this time around. Increased participation is expected to come from the inclusion of additional activities and aggressive publicity.

Besides the inter-University activities, there are ongoing activities to improve the face of our campus. The university has initiated mass clean up, painting and landscaping which is clearly rejuvenating our campus. Notably, students with specific expertise and interest have been allowed an opportunity to showcase this and are duly compensated for their efforts. Sponsorship is also available for those who do exemplary well in their respective activities. All the same, the idea is to spruce up the University and improve its general image.

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