I need some assistance with these assignment. learning using observational psychology Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. learning using observational psychology Thank you in advance for the help! Observational learning is one of the principle characteristics of learning described by behaviorists. We are always learning and processing stimuli that we can sense. As a result, this information gets stored in pathways which effects our memories, behaviors, actions, etc. As children, observational learning is the primary way in which we learn and process new information. As we get older, different types of learning take over and become more predominant, however observational learning persists throughout the entire lifespan.

One way in particular I have learned how to do things is through being a server at my work. When I first went to apply, I had no work experience, however I have eaten at many restaurants throughout my lifetime. Thus, I knew the types of skills and attitudes that servers had to have when dealing with patrons. This helped me at the beginning stages of my job. In order to be even more successful at my job, I observed those at my work that were considered the best in order to mimic their behavior so that I could also reap the benefits of being successful.

Another applicable way of observational learning in my life was through learning how to drive a car. I watched my parents and my driving instructors for how to operate a vehicle and how they take notice to the certain rules of the road. Also, while I am driving, I observe other people that get pulled over by the cops for speeding and related offenses, which encourage me not to do the same.

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Lastly, schools are a major type of socialization institute. Students learn how to interact with many different kinds of people on a daily basis and learn what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. This mimics how it is in the real world. Thus, a majority of our social skills are the result of observation of what is socially acceptable as well as others that influence our actions.


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