I need some assistance with these assignment. liberal democrasies and hollowing out Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. liberal democrasies and hollowing out Thank you in advance for the help! Gunlicks (2011) explains that the economies of countries such as the United States and Japan are being hallowed out, and this has the capability of increasing the levels of unemployment in these countries. In the past decades, the manufacturing sector of liberal democracies has experienced a significant contraction. For instance, in the year 1979, the number of manufacturing jobs in the United States stood at 19 million people (Vernon, 2001). However, as of the year 2013, this number significantly reduced, to twelve million manufacturing jobs. This was a decrease of seven million jobs, and this means that seven million people were rendered jobless because of a decrease in the number of these jobs. Another example is in Japan, which is experiencing a similar trend. The manufacturing industry of Japan has fallen from its previous 35% output.

Lazar (2009) explains that the hollowing out of the economies of liberal democracies is not a negative thing, and it does not hurt the community. This is because the domestic economy gets a chance of concentrating on high skill, and high wage jobs, such as marketing, design, etc. Furthermore, Gunlicks (2011) explains that consumers will benefit from low prices when they are involved in purchasing products that are manufactured in overseas countries. Gunlicks (2011) explains that the debate on whether the hollowing out of the powers of liberal democracies is a positive or negative issue depends on the point of view of an individual. However, he manages to identify the internal and external changes in these democracies that have led to the hollowing out of their powers.

Some of these changes include the appreciation of their currencies, the increase of inflation, excessive regulation of their economies, globalization, etc. One of the best methods of examining the manner, in which external and internal changes have led to the hollowing out of liberal democracies, is through the use of historical sociology theory.

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