I need some assistance with these assignment. the chain of supply of chocolate Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. the chain of supply of chocolate Thank you in advance for the help! Marketing and finally, distributing any product to be consumed worldwide calls for proper and systematic planning in order to reach its destination. It is the same issue with chocolate from the farm as cocoa to the factory to be processed and mixed with other components like sugar and at times milk before it is packaged and supplied through a systematic chain across the world.

Besides cocoa beans, other raw materials for the chocolate industry include milk, sugar, wrapping materials/packaging materials like the card, paper and foil. Another basic input is the premise, the equipment and the plant that is needed for manufacturing and distributing. They include premises of the factory, complex machines, and fleets of distributing trucks. All these items are referred to as capital.

There are various issues involved in the supply chain of chocolate. For instance, Nestle, which is a leading producer of chocolate, has a close involvement with the chain of supply in order to ensure that there is fairness and quality is not compromised. The company is involved in examining potential problems of child labour, forced, on West African cocoa farms. It is done on the basis of the cocoa industry in consultation with labour organizations, governments, and Non-Governmental Organizations and other members of the chocolate industry and the cocoa industry too. There is close monitoring to ensure that farmers and farm owners do not resort to child labour as a cheaper means of recruiting workers in cocoa farms.

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The Nestle Company, for instance, ensures that laboring of children is not attached in any way to their supply facilities and makes sure that they reject suppliers in the industry who incorporate child labour in the chain of production and supply.

From the table, one can deduce that there is a systematic organization in the way the chain of production is planned.&nbsp.


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