I need some assistance with these assignment. the relationship between health, healing, and religion Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. the relationship between health, healing, and religion Thank you in advance for the help! In general, illness is the phase of a body or mind where it is unable to work in its capacity or body or mind is unable to perform that it has the capacity of. However, different religions view illness differently. In the Voodoo religion, the believers have believed that illness is caused due to the evil or bad spirits or sometimes spirits of the family members. Voodoo has concepts that “we” are the spirits that make interaction with the people and are able to cause bad things to the people. In the Kung religion, illness is caused by the dead Kung, the dead ancestor of a person, or sometimes gods penetrate the illness into the person (Kingsley 41). In this way, in this religion, it is very important to cure and heal the sick to try best to make the person healthy. The shaman has also similar conditions that consider illness a spiritual ideal of the person. In shamanism, people believe that there is an invisible world around us and invisible creatures are present around us that are sprits. The spirits are able to put illness in a person. Yoga involves the practices that are capable of making the disease away from the practitioner. The practitioners have the faith that certain forces that block life can cause illness.

In different religions, the illness is expressed in different forms and sometimes it referred to as the spiritual illness. In the religion ‘Kung’ people give special importance to the sick because they believe that if the person dies of illness (Kingsley 42), he will spread the illness or give it to the other person. In Voodoo, illness is paid significant attention and 60% of the activity in the religion is to heal the person. In a similar way, yoga also addresses the illness in a proper manner, and to remove it from the person’s body and soul special attention is required. Yoga is all about the methods that increase the blood flow in the body, increase the brain function, and make the body flexible and healthy. The practices utilized in yoga can help maintain the blood pressure and reduce the cholesterol that helps maintain the health of the heart and the lungs.


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