I need some assistance with these assignment. the sociology of management concept 2 Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. the sociology of management concept 2 Thank you in advance for the help! “Richard Daft, Organization Theory and Design.11th edition” Organization Development Organizational development is a field usually directed at imposition in human process aimed at increasing their effectiveness and health. This uses various disciplines, and several primarily applied sciences (Daft 368). Organizational development requires practitioners to be cautious of the values controlling their practices and it focuses on achieving positive results through individuals. It has a process of constant analysis, action planning, and achievement with an aim of transferring knowledge and skills to an organization. This improves the organizations competence of solving issues and supervising any future changes.

An illustration of open development is like a case of Chrysler motor company, which had a poor customer service and marketing (Daft 372). The company was famous for its innovation although the products were described as outdated. The market share declined and it had high losses. However, after the implication of organization development, a program of cultural change known as Customer One was created and the company improved. The results were improved and the company became profitable. Richard Daft emphasizes that organizational development is important since it has expanded its focus in the coalition of organizations, with their rapidly changing and complex environments. According to the illustration, organization development is essential since it results to the success of a deteriorating company. This is achieved through organizational erudition, knowledge management, and upheaval of organizational customs and values. Through organizational strategies, the organizations manage to categorize problems that may interfere with its effectiveness and they evaluate their major causes.

Open Innovation

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Open innovation is the utility of purposive inflows and outflows of associations to improve innovation. Based on the current knowledge on open innovation, companies fail to rely solely on their own research. This means that they should acquire inventions from other companies so that they can improve their business models. This also results to the expansion of markets for external utility through their originality. According to the theory, the firm is assumed to utilize the external ideas from other companies. Open innovation focuses on the surfacing model of discovery that a certain organization utilizes on both research and development. It is noted that in various cases, for example open source software the theory occurs in a non-proprietary aspect.

An illustration of open innovation initiative is the case of IBM where it amalgamates with its eclipse platform (Daft 401). This means that the company presents the aspect as a case of open innovation, and competing companies are supposed to collaborate and join the open-innovation network. In the book, Richard Daft focuses on the applicability of the concept and its implication for the boundaries of the firms. The illustration is important since IBM expects that open innovation to prove its success and implication for intellectual property policies and practices (Daft 407). Open innovation is an appropriate concept since it offers an improved viewpoint for innovation in any organization. This means that companies will develop to open business models that exploit the effective opportunities available in the open model of innovation.

Ambidextrous Approach

Richard Daft describes ambidextrous approach as an organizations ability to manage its businesses effectively in a manner that it copes with the drastic change in market. This approach also focuses on the separation of an organization activity with an aim of supporting aspects that protect the policies of its current market. It also aims at developing new opportunities through innovations. Organizations have an opportunity of repositioning resources so that they respond to the developing consumer market. Through the approach, organizations manage the increased competitiveness pressure through hastening reaction on their markets (Daft 446). This is important since it makes them to survive the difficulties of modern day businesses they encounter.

An illustration in this case is the issue of Kodak and Boeing, which are two major dominant companies that failed to adapt to market changes (Daft 436). Kodak has been noted to progress in their analog photography but it has not managed to venture in the digital world. Boeing, which is leading in aircraft commercials, has encountered challenges in its businesses. It has been currently been outdone by Airbus. This is an indicator on how the renowned enterprises are focused on their current offerings and they fail when it comes to establishing new products and services.

According to the illustration, ambidextrous approach is important in organizations that need to renew themselves through the development of infiltrate products. However, the organizations are advised not to initiate the approach at the expense of their business traditions. According to a research on many organizations, the development of an ambidextrous organization is difficult, although the structure is comprehensive. However, the success of an ambidextrous approach on any organization is determined by the will of the executives to implement it.

Work Cited

Daft, Richard L. Organization Theory and Design. Cincinnati, Ohio: South-Western College Pub, 2001. Print.


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