I need some assistance with these assignment. why should i be accepted Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. why should i be accepted Thank you in advance for the help! Transfer to Boston Academic and professional excellence is the ultimate dream of a Personally, my academic background exhibits traceable progressive growth and development. I put all my efforts in my education to ensure that I continuously meet both short-term and long-term goals. In the near future, I look forward to becoming a successful medical school graduate working in the clinical or public health setting. This personal, career, and professional motivation informs my application to transfer from Saint Louis University to Boston University.

In my current school, Saint Louis University, I am pursuing biology major. My intent to transfer is to join Boston University’s health science department. In this department, I look forward to pursuing health science major that will eventually lead me into a medical school. In light of the success I have had so far in my current institution, I have no doubt that this is the career path of my choice. Saint Louis University is an institution that has accustomed me to a diverse teaching and learning environment. In this respect, Boston University is a suitable institution that will further enhance my persona, social, and academic experiences.

Most importantly, my education is financed through scholarship sponsorship. Under this program, a major in health sciences requires an enrolment in one of the institutions approved by the sponsor. In this case, Saint Louis University is not one of the institutions approved by my sponsor as far as a major in health science is concerned. For this reason, I would like to transfer to an approved institution. Following this observation, Boston University is my preferred institution. A major in Boston University’s health science program is covered under my current scholarship package.

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Over and above being one of the approved institutions in which I can major in health science, Boston University is a leading academic institution when it comes to health science programs. My goal is to exploit my full potential in the University, with an aim to apply and subsequently enroll in a medical school. Saint Louis University has helped me build a strong academic foundation. This foundation will be essential in the event that I transfer to Boston University.

The essence of transferring is to pursue an ultimate personal dream. Although there are many different factors at play as far as this transfer is concerned, I believe that Boston University is an important institution that will help me make the next step in my academic interests. My current experiences at Saint Louis University have gone to a greater length in helping me shape my future goals. With that in mind, I hope that this transfer, if approved, will progressively develop an individual who will make a significant mark in the clinical or public health setting.

In conclusion, I have always admired the many different programs, opportunities, and resources offered at Boston University. Scholarship sponsors who work closely with Boston University express their satisfaction with the institution’s mode of teaching and learning. I look forward to graduating from Boston University and advancing my education, career, and professionalism. It is my sincere hope that this transfer application will be considered for approval.


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